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The amazing Mauritius heritage: Ferney Valley


The amazing Mauritius heritage: Ferney Valley

If you are looking for a great excursion to do in Mauritius, here is an idea: vallée de Ferney

Ferney Valley Mauritius

Hidden in the Bambou mountains, this Ferney Valley nature reserve of 200 hectares has an incredible biodiversity.
To disconnect from civilization, nothing is better! the trail through the green dense forest with breathtaking views is an experience not to be missed.
Mauritius is one of the country in the world that has the greatest numbers of species critically endangered.
When Mauritius was first found in 1638, the island was covered with lush forest; In the past centuries, intensive deforestation has occurred and about 2% remains today.
A guide can walk you through the forest which welcomes hundreds of endemic plant species; you will learn about the conservation work that has been undertaken such as the removal of invasive species, the reintroduction of endemic animals, the propagation of native plants...
Protecting the forest is essential, it is a shelter for pink pigeons, kestrels, geckos, fruit bats, tortoises.
The restoration of the forest is an ambitious project. Each year, thousands of endemic species like ebony, bois clou, vacoas … are planted.
You can also discover discover the Mauritian kestrel, currently critically endangered; every day around lunch time, the can admire the feeding of these birds.
You can if you wish help to the preservation of the forest, you can adopt a tree.

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