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Who are we ? was created by two friends, Pier and Didier physicist and engineer volunteers in non-profit organizations.

They started with a simple observation: as an organization, company or individual, it is very difficult to promote your events and activities. It takes a lot of time, money and energy.
Take for example the promotion of a training session of percussion music: you must write and print flyers / posters, distribute everywhere, prepare posters for roundabouts, etc, etc ... Imagine the task facing a small pottery workshop who wants to promote his classes ...
On the other hand, as individuals, it is not easy to gain access easily to all events and activities taking place around your home. You must search multiple sources of information, and be able to read very quickly in roundabouts :-)

It is from this very fact, that the idea of ​​creating was born.

The basic principle is that the tool should be simple and easy to use, it must be available to all and most of all, it must be free. Although there is no geographical limit in the referencing of events and activities, umoov wants to remain a local and nearby application. is constantly evolving to incorporate a maximum of data sources, and provide simple and effective tools to help the promotion of events and activities. To never miss an opportunity to go out :-)

Enjoy it !

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