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A path along the coast of in a dream!

I don't know about you but I just love walking, wondering around in nature, feeling the elements, being ... [More]

The endemic flora in Mauritius... so precious!

With Madagascar and the other islands in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is classified by UICN amongst the ... [More]

The vacoa braiding, a tradition in Mauritius

You surely have seen or bought a vacoa braided basket in a bazar in Mauritius ? the braiding of vacoa ... [More]

Trail in Montvert Nature Park, a breath of fresh air!

Montvert is a great nature park close to Curepipe in the south of Mauritius. zoom on umoov! This area ... [More]

Cave Madame, off the beaten tracks of Mauritius

You may want to visit Mauritius in a different way, to discover attractions off the beaten tracks... here ... [More]

The amazing Mauritius heritage: Ferney Valley

If you are looking for a great excursion to do in Mauritius, here is an idea: vallée de Ferney Hidden ... [More]