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BMA Sports - Muay Thai, Boxe Francaise Savate and MMA Training


Welcome to BMA, Bambous Martial Arts Sports Club.

We are a Non Government and non profit organisation, Located in Bambous, Mauritius Island

Training at our training centre is versatile, offering Muay Thai, Boxe Française Savate and Mix Martial Arts training programs to suit everyone. Want to learn, for fun, fitness, tournament, self-defense or hone your fighting skills you care welcome.

Our training focuses on teaching students Muay Thai, Boxe Française and MMA techniques and to improve their cardio, endurance, strength, speed, and overall ability to execute proper strikes and blocks in both offensive and defensive forms.

****Our Training Schedule****

-Monday – 19hr00 to 21hr00
General Training (at social welfare centre Bambous)

-Wednesday - 17hr00 to 19hr00
Training for competitors only (Ave Mon Repos Bambous)

-Thursday – 16hr45 to 18hr05
For kids and woman (at social welfare centre Bambous)

-Friday - 17hr00 to 19hr00
Physical conditioning (geramain comarmon stadium Bambous)

-Our goal is to help those young, make them love sports, have a good health instead of being in bad company and fall into bad traps.

-Our boxing lessons does not consist only of kicks and punches, we teach to our student the way of living, respect and having a good charisma.

-Our membership entry and courses are free. We do it free because we like it like that and it a real pleasure for us to help those young people to have a knowledge in martial arts. 

Bambous Martial Arts Sports Club



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