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Cave Madame, off the beaten tracks of Mauritius


Cave Madame, off the beaten tracks of Mauritius

You may want to visit Mauritius in a different way, to discover attractions off the beaten tracks... here is an idea: Cave Madame.

Hidden in the middle of eucalyptus forest in Roches Noires, several caves belong to the Mauritian national heritage; they hold the names of Princess Margaret and cave Madame.

These were used a long time ago by the slaves “marrons” who were on the run.

Some archeological studies on site showed that men occupied the caves at some point.

Cave Madame Mauritius island

Originally it was a tunnel of lava, an outcome of a volcanic eruption 25000 years ago. The tunnel collapsed afterwards, creating two caves; One is called Princess Margaret and the other cave Madame. They are about seven meters underground.

Not so long ago, the ladies from the village were coming there to wash their clothes in the clear water in the bottom of the cave. That explains the name of the cave.

The cave became a place for a walk, nevertheless it remains an interesting site to visit. It has been well kept.

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