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    umoov events and activities

    Welcome on the English blog of umoov, a blog about events and activities of any type.

    In this blog you will find plenty of interesting articles on the events and activities which are published on, articles such as suggestions for outings or sightseeing,  selections of the most visited events on last month for a specific region, original articles on activities, highlights on upcoming events, the most popular events, tips on using, news about umoov... the subjects are numerous ! The events and activities which are described individually in this blog were chosen because we found them interesting, little known or unique.

    If you want to publish an article in this blog send us the text and some photos using this contact form. The text must be original and unique (no copy and paste from articles already on the Internet) and it must contain at least 400 words. If your article refers to events or activities that are published on, we will add the links to the corresponding pages in Once validated, your article will be published very quickly and you will be informed by email.

    If you do not know umoov yet then go quickly on ! umoov is a great website and a mobile application for the research and promotion of events and activities of any kind !

    umoov web

    Are you searching events or activities ?

    If you want to go out with friends to have fun and you do not know where to go, or if you want to organize a nice weekend and you want to know which events and activities there are in your destination, or if you are looking for cultural activities around you, then umoov will provide you all the information you need ! And more !

    How many times has it happened to meet up with friends and ask yourself, " Where are we going tonight, what could we do to change ? ". It is not always easy to find what we are interested in by reviewing the myriad of sites and existing information channels. If you must go to a city where maybe you've never been, it can be useful to know quickly which events are available: for example, an art exhibition, a concert, a sporting event, a special sale or antiques market.
    All this information is now easier to find thanks to umoov.
    Searching in umoov is very easy because all the events and activities are geo-localized and are presented on a map. Simply center the map on the area of your interest and... tak ! Events and activities will appear in their place and you can select what you want at a glance or you can even do amazing discoveries ! When I use umoov very often I find concerts or exhibitions around me that I did not know they existed, such as this concert of Manu Katché which turned out to be a real gem. umoov is great !
    Then, to refine the search you can filter by date, type of event or activity, audience, pricing and all that within the same page, the controls are just next to the map.
    But what is really practical with umoov is having the same interface everywhere you are. Whether you are in Paris, Geneva, Lyon, Marseille or Mauritius... umoov remains the same ! No need to search and navigate through lots of different websites to get ideas for going out.
    And if you find in umoov events and activities which could be interesting for your friends then you can share them on social networks, or by email, directly from umoov.

    Go out and have fun with your friends using umoov web on PC and umoov mobile on smartphones and tablets.

    umoov mobile Android iOS

    Do you need to promote an event or activity ?

    You are organizing or you simply wish to publicize an event or activity, then you simply publish it on umoov and begin to promote it. And it's totally free ! There is no limit on the number of events and activities you can publish.

    In order to reference an event or activity on umoov simply log on and click the PUBLISH button at the top of the page. You will access to a form that allows you to enter all the details of your event or activity such as the name, the description, the audience type, the agenda and the venue. You can add pictures and/or a video that was previously loaded on Youtube. Once finished, the event or the activity will be validated by our team before being finally published on umoov. The validation is normally very fast. Once validated your event or activity will have a unique link like this for instance: /events/la-verticale-du-mole.html, link that you can use in all your communications.
    If you have made mistakes and want to change or delete your event you can do so at any time by logging on

    Do you find that your event is struggling to emerge at the top of searches done in umoov ? We have thousands of "live" events and activities in umoov, so the events and activities with the richest content are shown in priority in the search results. Hint: write an original and unique long description (no copy and paste texts which are already on the web), add photos and video, and especially talk around  you about the umoov page of your event or activity ! To increase the visibility of your event you can also suggest an article about it on this blog.

    And if you need a more effective promotion you can buy visibility in the premium space of umoov.
    The premium space of umoov allows you to promote modularly and using geolocalization, by targeting precisely the geographic regions of your wish. All the information on the umoov premium advertising space is here.

    With constant traffic growth, global presence and a multi -platform (web and mobile), umoov is the reference for promoting your events and activities.