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Vladimir Presnyakov


Vladimir Vladimirovich Presnyakov was born in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) March 29, 1968 in the family of soloists VIA 'Gems' Vladimir Petrovich and Helena Petrovna Presnyakov.At age 11, he wrote the first song at age 12 was singing in the choir Yelokhovskaya Church in Moscow, 13 spoke with a group of 'Cruise', performing his own songs 'Old Tale', 'Red Book', 'cat'.He studied at the School Choir.Sveshnikov, then - at the conducting and choral department School.The October Revolution.

Popularity for Vladimir Presnyakov came after the film 'Over the Rainbow', in which he sang all the songs (composer - Jury Chernavskii) for the main character Alec Rainbow, played by actor Dmitry Marjanov (Volodya in the film appears in one episode).Songs from the film 'Zurbagan', 'Sleeping roadside grass', performed exceptionally clean falsetto became popular among teenagers.

Their debut album, 'Dad, you've been there myself', released on vinyl, finally formed the image of the singer: dance tunes, provocative lyrics, catchy vocals.Vladimir takes part in the first Russian rock musical 'Street', who spent Sergei Lisowski (it took a week on stage Minor Arena Luzhniki).Later Presnyakov expanded his stylistic range lyrical ballads, rock and roll, blues.

With solo concert program's musician has performed with resounding success at the biggest concert halls of Moscow and Leningrad - 'Olympic' and the CCM 'Jubilee'.

Vladimir became the first Russian artist who won the award 'Golden Key' in Monte Carlo as an artist, whose record went to the Russian largest circulation
Now Vladimir has toured, recorded new songs and preparing to release an album.

Tickets cost from 280 UAH to 2200 UAH.

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