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Tribulation, Bolzer, Molasses-Where the Gloom becomes sound Europa 2021


Tribulation will come to Musigburg, Vosselaar for an evening filled with blackend heavy metal!

The band just finished their 5th album, which they will be presenting to the Belgian metal maniacs!

Tribulation comment on the tour as follows: “Now at summer's end in the near endless year of trials and tribulations that is 2020, after a touring hiatus and a new album in the, so called, bag we are very happy to announce that we are yet again about to trek across the ancient body of Europa - over her flesh and through her veins - the land where the sun ever sets.

And as fortunate as we sometimes are we will have both BØLZER and MOLASSESS aiding us in spreading the gloom in each of the 20 cities we are visiting.

At this point we all need a little taste of Saturnalia and as so we encourage you all to join us in taking a step into the time before time, in illo tempore, and a step out of the profane everyday existence.

Be open and let us possess you, at least for a night!

“ Special guests this evening are BØLZER and Molassess.

Türöffnung: 19:00 Uhr Beginn: 19:30 Uhr Ende: keine Angaben vom Veranstalter Rollstuhlplätze: Tel.

079 541 03 50 Altersbeschränkung: 16+ Weitere Infos: www.

36.10 CHF




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