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Theatre : The Invisible Man


How come that human “civilization” has managed to create its own “invisibility cloak”, until you no longer see those left to their own devices, because they become victims of a system where the “losers” are ignored and left to themselves in the margin of indifference?

“The Invisible Man” Jack, summons those who have become “blind” and impervious to emotions.

The dehumanization of man is only a matter of time. The time it will take the Earth to become a jungle where civilization will die.

Are we ready to admit that we are all becoming blind and deaf? And that we no more hear the voices of any Jack lying on the pavement of any city?

This one man show will be staged at Trup Sapsiway Hall on 25th, 26th 27th August 2016 at 8.00 p.m

Please send a text message to confirm your seat and date. Seats Limited.
Gaston : 5 790 14 00
Darma : 5 422 22 30

Ticketing: Your generous contribution

Text: Sedley Assonne
Comedian: Gaston Valayden
Director: Darma Mootien
Stage Manager and Light technician: Darren Vythelingum
Assistant Stage Manager and Sound technician: Christopher Ratsizaonen

Photo Credit : Damien Allet

Trup Sapsiway Hall

Beau Bassin/rose-hill


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