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Sarah Millican: Bobby Dazzler


SARAH MILLICAN: BOBBY DAZZLER The hilarious Sarah Millican is back on tour with a Bobby Dazzler of a new stand-up show.

In this, her sixth international tour, you'll learn about what happens when your mouth seals shut, how to throw poo over a wall, trying to lose weight but only losing the tip of your finger, a surprisingly funny smear test, and how truly awful a floatation tank can actually be.

Sarah has spent the last year writing jokes and growing her backside.

She can't wait to get back on the road and make you laugh.

*'Bobby Dazzler' is the purest compliment. Imagine a child in red wellies or a woman in a new top.

Both are Bobby Dazzlers. It is also the name of a caravan cleaning spray.

This show is not about cleaning caravans.

Türöffnung: 19:00 Uhr Beginn: 19:30 Uhr Ende: 22:00 Uhr Altersbegrenzung: ab 16 Jahren Rollstuhlplätze: Die Location ist rollstuhlgängig.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie den Veranstalter: info@internationalcomedy.

Gruppentickets: Bei Bestellungen von mehr als 8 Tickets kontaktieren Sie bitte den Veranstalter: info@internationalcomedy.

Weitere Infos: www.

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