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Booking compulsory at 0144556000 Report 30 minutes before departure time Free for 0-8 years(s) Please inform the booking agent if you are 0-8 years old Subject to availability at time of booking MARAIS WALKING TOUR Duration of the tour : 02:00 h Guided tour in English Wednesday and Saturday at 10 AM Adult: 49 ?

; Child (0-8years): 0 ?

; Meet your guide just in front of the café Relais de l'Hôtel de Ville on the corner of rue de Rivoli & rue des Archives.

The nearest metro station is Hotel de Ville, you will need to take the exit #6.

Your guide will be wearing a special badge with the Localers logo, you can't miss it!

Ask any Parisian for their favorite neighborhood and it won't be long before you hear it: Le Marais!

And for good reason-there's an awful lot to Love.

From award-winning baguettes and rare architecture to secret gardens and chic boutiques, the Marais encapsulates Paris's ability to be both a center of historical importance and also remain at the cutting edge of culture, gastronomy and fashion.

Your trip through the heart of the historic Marais will begin at the Hotel de Ville and the esplanade which was the site of public executions back in the day.

Then it'll be time to delve further into the Marais to the see original wood-framed domestic medieval architecture, a truly rare find.

There will be time for a sobering reflection during a stop at the Holocaust memorial, which commemorates the death of 6 million Jewish people at the hands of the Nazis.

The Marais was once a substantially Jewish neighborhood, making this memorial all the more poignant and significant.

This tour also takes you into the courtyards and gardens of some of the finest examples in the area.

Today quiet medieval streets and sophisticated squares make the Marais one of the city's most inspiring neighborhoods, epitomizing the classy-cool mystique of Paris.


Relais de L'hôtel de Ville

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