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Mad Heads XL & Crazy Train


Mad Heads XL

It exists as a separate phenomenon - the only concert of folk songs, and now that's a separate disk. But it can also easily be manifested in our main program, as individual songs, the mood, because the instruments and the musicians involved in it all the same. We can talk about the musical experiment, but the transformation is unlikely, since the switch only on folk songs and stop coming up with their own I do not plan to.

Crazy Train

The craziest Kiev cover band!!!
We play ROCK, ROCK and only ROCK!
cover songs on a Metallica, Nirvana, ACDC, Ozzy Osbourne and other FATHERS!!!!
although of course we can play and Shizgara (if you ask for much.))))
Waiting for you on our shows!!!!!!!

Entry fee: 75 UAH

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