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Launching of the Café Scientifique Maurice


L'occasion de pouvoir discuter en toute simplicité avec des scientifiques autour d'une bonne bière ou d'un bon café. Pour cette première édition, les Prof. Basset et Dr. Oozeer nous parleront d'astronomy.

The Café Scientifique Maurice team invites you all to its launching event, with two exciting guests from South Africa, Prof Bruce Bassett and Dr Nadeem Oozeer, who are based in Cape Town.

Prof Bassett will be engaging the audience with the exciting topic "Big Data Astronomy & The Rise of The Machines". Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of the world’s economy. He will illustrate how astronomy can prepare a country for the machine learning revolution.

Dr Oozeer will, on his part, get us thinking about "Mauritius in The Age of African Astronomy", which is a very relevant topic since Mauritius is part of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project. The SKA is one of the biggestscientific projects happening on the African continent, and it will revolutionise science and technology in the coming years.
We will see what we, as Mauritians, can do to get involved in this mega venture.

Please help us in reaching out to as big a crowd of science enthusiasts as possible by kindly advertising the event on our behalf, so that many of you get to enjoy the company of each other, and engage in discussions about the exciting field of astronomy in Africa. Also please do not forget to use the hashtag #cafscimu in promoting this event :-)

Thank you, and hope to see many of you at Flying Dodo for the event!

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