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Cours de karaté au honbu Dojo.

Karate is a martial art, for many it is a way of life, and it shares the common goal with judo, kendo and aikido. The main reason is to cultivate the student both physically and mentally. It is also within reason to claim that karate, as the original martial art, through physical and spiritual training and discipline makes the impossible becomes possible, even to the unarmed, and helps one in pursuing the aim of his life. A physical training so strict naturally involves a demanding psychological training as well. Karate is a method of unifying the body and spirit of making human life at once broader and deeper.

Karate is a combination of two Japanese words. "Kara" meaning empty or open & "Te" meaning hand. It is therefore used to describe a style of unarmed combat.

Honbu Dojo

Port Louis


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