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Dyadya Vasya


Cover band "Dyadya Vasya" was founded in 2008 in Kiev.

The repertoire of the group: classic rock 'n' roll (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Nazareth, Scorpions, Supermax, Garry Moore, White Snake, Rainbow, Zucckero), hits 70-80-90's, Disco 80 -x, Ukrainian folk, Italian pop music 80's and 90's, the songs of the peoples of the USSR.
Group structure:

Vasily collectible - drums, vocals.Professilny drummer participated in many competitions and festivals.Played in bands "Kobza", "Malva," "Crossword", accompanied Nicholas Hnatiuk, Irina Ponarovskaya, Dmytro Hnatiuk, Nicholas Rastorguev, Nicholas Mozgovoi.He has toured in Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Cuba.Frontman "Vasya club».He worked with the group "Sadness Pilot" (project Alexey Gorbunov).

Nikolay Efremov - guitar.One of the best guitarists of the post-Soviet space.Played in groups of "Stalker", "First Communion" (in the theater songs of Alla Pugacheva), "Via Gra", performed with the singer Ruslana.He has released two solo instrumental album.He teaches at the School of Music - Guitar.

Alexander Holla - bass guitar, vocals.On the professional scene for more than 20 years.He worked with Nicholas Brain.He took part in rock festivals.Toured Russia.Has a unique vocals.

Oleg - keyboards, vocals.
The winner of the contest of young performers in Yalta (1997) Diploma Song Festival them.B. Ivasyuka (1999).Under the pseudonym of author Oleg Shuliavska recorded albums of songs in the style of chanson.Working with the singer Ivo Bobul and singer Tatyana Piskareva.

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