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Compétition artistique pour jeunes artistes: Liber nou zako!


LAR pou exprim Kreativite & Kompasion
Exprimez votre créativité et compassion et gagnez! 

Cette compétition s'adresse aux jeunes artistes agés de 10-18 ans.

super prizes to win:
- 1month Free Dance Lessons at Dance in the City Mauritius
- Day Break at Otentic, eco tent experience for 2
- Kayak Excursion for 2 withYemaya Adventures
- Dinner For 2 at Hotel Tamarain, Tamarin Beach
- Catamarn Excursion North
- 2 Vouchers for La Route Du Thé
- and more to come...

The MESSAGE ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF OUR MONKEYS captured, bred for trade and animal testing

Participants need to interpret what the theme 'Liber Nou Zako' represents for them and how it speaks to them.→ You can express with your artwork how you could or want to save the monkeys,how you would like to see the monkeys (free, in family, in trees and jungles, etc.) or even express the plight of a monkey in captivity.


You can draw, paint or collage and use any kind of medium from crayons, pencils to pastels and water colours. Draw / paint on paper or cloth or wood or any other adequate surface you wish to use, size no bigger then A2. The main aim is for you to have fun and be creative while, at the same time, help raise awareness about the plight of our suffering monkeys.Create a PAINTING / DRAWIN / COLLAGE of how you would like to see our monkeys (free, in family, in trees, etc.) or how want to free the monkeys (no more cages, no more testing etc)

a) Take a paper and get inspired…
b) Mark your FIRST NAME, FAMILY NAME, AGE, HOME TOWN & CONTACT number at the back of your artworkc) there will be one or two hand in events in Port-Louis in November - the dates & place to be announced on this site.Or you can hand in your work by dropping it off at: - Mahebourg, Baz'Art, (please call in and ask for Alexandre)- Tamarin, La Pointe Arts & Music Center- North (to be announced)- Curepipe (to be announced)

Prize Giving Event in December, bonne chance!

Event Page on Facebook:


Beau Vallon, Mahebourg


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