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The first part of a cover of "ChillOut", which included Natalia Gordienko vocals, drums Maxim Pavlenko, Alexander Smyshlyaev guitar, bass T-shirt with Alex formed in Kiev in 2000.The idea of ​​creation and the name of the group belong to Alexander Smyshlyaeva.
Over the next five years, the group is actively changed by 2005 and formed part of Natalia Gordienko vocals, keyboards, Dmitry Kondratyev, Alex Klenkin guitar, Alexander Novichenko bass guitar, drums Maxim Fakhrutdinov.This composition remained unchanged until 2009.During this period, Chillout already become a popular cover band in Kiev clubs.
C 2006 to 2007 Chillout group collaborates with «Music Motors» as a session of the group «XS».From 2007 to 2010, a group of artists working with Ukrainian Vitaly Kozlovsky: watch videos, watch videos and Andrei Kishe: watch, watch, watch videos of Denis Lyubimov watch video watch video.
With this group of artists participated in tours to Ukraine, has performed at major music festivals such as "Tavria Games», «Ukrainian music awards», etc.Also participated in TV Projects "Tvіy format", "New light», «Gutten Morgen» ...
Since 2008 Chillout group began working on the creation of his own songs.In the future, this is called Projects «SuperDivka»: watch video, watch videos
Projects participates in festivals, television shows and competitions.Group «SuperDivka» lasted until 2011.2012 Natalia Gordienko signed a contract with the company «Universal Music» Chillout group and becomes her main musical composition Natalia Gordienko
Today, the group continues Chillout concert activity, is involved in various projects.

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