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Bangladesh Orchestra & Море Хуана


The world's best hits
Entry fee: 50 UAH
Bangladesh - the most winning band ever invented.

Roman started his big game voiced by the rules.And since then - no one loses.And the audience group - always a winner.
What's the secret?: Bangadesh-Band enhances all ... Everything you've ever heard from the speakers of your radio, tape or CD player.The song, the melody, the motive, the text of the song finally skipped through the prism of the band, is given new force - become even more interesting hits, ironic, taste better ... In the new life under the sign of Bangladesh music starts to touch, no - even stroke the strings of the soul, which are hiddenvery deep.She is happy and positive impact on the perception of the world - is changing the world around.Music becomes the inspiration of life.
Energy is a win-win game is so strong that, in its purest manifestation is transferred to the audience and realized in their lives interesting events that happen to them after the show: the active-dancing girls in a couple of months of getting married, men who sing with Bangl s, you open a successful businessand the children begin to learn perfectly.A grandmother's throw all the worries and find their new grandparents.
There is no magic or mysticism.Energy charges the Roman confidence, an easy attitude to life, joy and pleasant warmth that spreads through the body from the ears to the heels.And is long-lasting.And from the live auditions Bangl s - this heat is stored for even longer.Be assured of the win - and you do not put out of balance, and therefore happiness is your constant companion.
The ability to start, relax, raise the spirit, brought the audience spell Bangl-am title of the most popular bands of Simferopol, 2004.And soon - Ukrainian and vseSNG-claim the recognition.
Rejoice yourself and loved ones, listen to good music and always win!

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