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Latvian group «FORSHPIL», performing traditional Jewish psychedelic rock.

More than ten years studying and performing Jewish folk music, the band has created a new, sound of traditional klezmer tunes and Yiddish songs about love.Meditative and mysterious rhythms combined with heavy guitar riffs and violin passages bright, lively sound of analog synthesizers and a deep and sensual folk singing opens the door to an alternate reality.Something like this might sound like a jam session Pink Floyd and The Doors at a Jewish wedding.

The group was founded in Riga in 2003.During this time, the musicians studied, performed and taught at leading festivals of Jewish and world music in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Canada and the UK.Published in 2009, together with a group of Dzelzs Vilks album «Borsh» was nominated for the Latvian Annual Music Award in the category of "Best Alternative Music Album."In 2012 he released his first solo album.

Sasha Lourie (Riga) - voice
Ilya Shneyveys (Riga) - keyboards
Roman Shinder (St. Petersburg) - guitar
Mitya Hramtsov (St. Petersburg) - violin
Jeka Lysine (St. Petersburg) - drums




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