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Ayla Schafer - Workshop - Song of the Soul


Workshop - Song of the Soul Each one of us carries our unique soul voice, a powerful tool gifted to us to connect and communicate with life.

The Song of our soul is the intimate expression of our true nature, the spontaneous sound of our spirit.

To truly sing is a journey of remembering, getting out of the way, and trusting in ourselves as we surrender to the spirit of sound in us.

Our voice is the only instrument created by God, it is our connection to the naked truth of our being and to the prayers that silently carry with us.

We were born to sing.

This is a journey of deep discovery; unveiling our naked and untamed voice and awakening the power of our free expression.

We do not 'learn to sing', instead we unlearn and release the judgment, fears, and blockages that hold us back from something that is our nature.

Ancient ways remind us what it truly means to sing and use the song as tribal people have done for millennia; to connect and speak with the spirit of life, to heal and transform, to celebrate, to realign ourselves, and to pray, so that we can step more fully into our soul purpose in this life.

Our voice brings us immediately into connection with ourselves, each other, and the present moment.

Weaving between sound and silence, resting in the stillness from where our sound comes from; we return to the source of Life itself.

Our voice brings us home to ourselves, our body is our portal, our Voice is our tool, our silence is our home.

"There is a cry, a call deep within our hearts that wants to be heard.

We long for the liberation of our voice and of our soul, to rediscover the grandeur of who we truly are, as a force of the highest vibration and creation".

Karina Schelde

For each ticket, 50 centimes will be donated to TreeSisters and ...

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