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A Christmas Carol


''A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens'' - simply to say, this simple phrase brings a smile to most people's face and why not?

It might be the best short story ever written, or the best loved, or the best known or the most enjoyable, it certainly has to be performed, as Dickens himself knew.

It's December and we must have our pudding, our parsnips and our Christmas Carol.

The story actually created our modern idea of Christmas, it influences Christmas, it is part of Christmas and it reminds us that there is more to Christmas than a shopping and eating festival.

If ''A Christmas Carol'' is the most popular story ever told, then this stage version is possibly the most successful recent adaptation.

From Tokyo to Malta, from Munich to Hong Kong, from Liverpool to Prague, audiences have thrilled to this musical production that moves the audience from tears to laughter.

This production is true music theatre - not just a seasonal entertainment but a real gripping and dramatic tales.

A performance for young and old, a Christmas feast of theatre that has delighted audiences in almost every corner of the globe.

Performance in english.

Adults: CHF 59.00 Seniors+65: CHF 45.00 Students: CHF 30.00

Volkshaus Zürich



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