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Motor'rolla entered the final stretch of the album Chumaky is composed of a group of rehashing iconic Ukrainian songs. As the concert program Chumaky existed for over a year, but the last few months, the team accumulated this stuff in the studio and now there are only recorded to reduce everything together. This group leader Sergei "Syenya" juror notes that wants not just put this stuff online, but also give it the traditional way - on compact sets.

"I want it to be in a physical disk. Or we will find someone who can help us in this, and if not, then most of the guys skynemosya money and make a presentation copies Chumakov. In sales it is unlikely that this case will go, but it will be a wonderful gift for our friends, "- said the singer Motor'rolla. According to optimistic forecasts CHUMAK listen to the record will be this spring.

«Red Rocks» was created in 2006.

The most difficult part in the formation of the group was to find musicians to match the style and way in which the group planned its way.

The main purpose of «Red Rocks» at this stage is the implementation of international hits of rock music as close as possible to the original, in order to satisfy the most refined tastes. Not forgotten, and those who like to have fun under the disco, rock and roll, pop music, those who are nostalgic for the Soviet stage.

The entire program is performed live, with no play-lords and track.

Cover band «Red Rocks» is a frequent guest at conferences, presentations, corporate parties of various Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian companies.

If you are looking for high quality live music that will create a cheerful atmosphere, great mood and incendiary show, then you've already found it.

Entry fee: 75 UAH

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