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Best world`s hits
Entry fee: 20 UAH
"It is not enough to write that in our team play professional musicians, as other than that we professionally treat his case.
It is not enough to write that our team is a worthy addition to your holiday, as we are one of the components of the holiday. It is not enough to hear once our group, but we still have a lot of great events, and we are always happy to see you!

In the concert program "SONGS OF YOUR LIFE" is a wide range of the most popular artists of the Soviet and foreign music 1960 - 2008 years. Elvis Presley, U2, Roy Orbison, James Brown, Tom Jones, Ottawan, Boney M, Secret Service, Tony sposito, Cold Play, Deep Purple, Smokey, Yuri Antonov, Magomayev, Time Machine, Earthlings, Chyzh & Co, Chayf, Bravo, Pesnyary, Vladimir Kuzmin, Vladimir Vysotsky ... The program is so diverse that it is able to meet students of different musical tastes"

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