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Immediately after her tour mini-tour in America, Mary appears to Ukrainian audience at a concert in the art club "44".August 31 by this legendary musical institution hear songs that will be included in the new album of the singer, on which work lasted two years. No album name, it might prompt the students that come in "44" and listen to new and well known songs of Mary.For example, the song "Do not forget love" video which was in rotation Ukrainian musical channels, "Read my lips the words," which was written jointly with Ukraine, the Serbian team «Shopping Hour».
Concerts in clubs - a special format, they are almost intimate atmosphere, and therefore each of these concerts is unique improvisation - and the performer and the audience, who are usually well aware of the repertoire of his idol ...
So, of course, Mary will perform those songs that the audience wants to hear.And yet - the singer will perform their favorite pieces of music by other composers that have become classical music.Well, of course, will answer questions and live communication with the audience.
The combination of romanticism and reverent piercing lyrics of passionarnostju patriotic songs, a special tone of voice and outstanding performance of sincerity - that is unique in the work Burmaka.

Entry fee: 70 UAH

Art Club 44



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