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Our group was formed in 1997, the ninth year in Simferopol.Honestly, when we were going, we felt that the music for us - much more than a hobby.Over time, this feeling grew into a realization that to live without it we can not, because the birth of songs in our heads can not be stopped.So we became a band in full musical sense of the word.

There was, however, one point in our history when almost all over.tragically lost our drummer Dmytryk Shevchenko.Then it seemed that without him, and without his craftsmanship is nothing we can.But we decided to continue.It was not easy to find someone who is not only a great musician, but also complement the puzzle that forms our team of associates.But we managed.

Finally, anticipating the possible topics that interest you, are three questions that we are frequently asked:

What is Madzhodo?

Why is your music called "respectable rock"?

What we have in common besides music?

Answers to these questions are as follows:

1.This title is a dream to our vocalist.We dug a lot of dictionaries, but nothing like has never been found.And if it does not mean anything to this point, now it is our group.

2.We are indeed associated with the phrase "respectable rock."So one day after the concert music of our named one of the listeners.Definition bound to us and, in fact, nothing against the fact that our music is defined as "a respectable rock" we do not have.If there is a punk-rock, then why can not respect rock?

3.Yes.Together, our group gathered just music.But there is another passion that is shared by all races attended the group ... the love of the road.

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